Still Banned at Maine DoE

It’s hard to believe that one middle-aged woman 250 miles from Augusta can cause such consternation at the Maine Department of Education that any comments she tries to make at their website are promptly eliminated.

On Sunday, I stumbled across an article at the Maine DoE online Newsroom: Preparing for A-F grading system. Knowing that the proficiency-based approach being touted by the Department has little tolerance for such a system, I took a few minutes to read it. Grading kids? Nope. Grading Maine schools.

So, I typed a quick comment:
Almost any ranking system is simply shorthand for a broader set of parameters; most of us understand both the larger process and the shorthand relatively well. Therefore, if an A – F system is appropriate for grading schools (assuming we know and agree upon the standards by which they are being ranked), it is difficult to understand how it is not similarly appropriate for grading students in this day of “proficiency-based” education.

I entered my comment with my own name (mistakenly doing so twice because I had to log in and nothing showed up the first time). Once the system had processed the comments (both of them), they were shown with a note “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” [I have a screenshot to prove it]  As of today, my words aren’t there. There are five (5) comments – all from men, interestingly – some of which say basically the same thing I did. Those men are allowed to say their piece; I’m not. What’s so scary, I wonder?



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3 responses to “Still Banned at Maine DoE

  1. nini mcmanamy

    I think you have hit the nail on the head with the gender issue. I would like to know the standards they use for “moderation”. Bet the MHRC would too.

  2. Jan Grieco

    Ah, Nancy, definitely is not surprising. This current DOE is all about control and censorship, so off course, you must be screened. Especiallysince what you have written makes sense. Posted it on FB to attract attention and encourage conversation may have more positive impact than anything you send DOE.

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